Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Before we arrived at Thousand Trails Oakzanita we had talked with a man that said recently the cell phone/aircard connection had suddenly gotten much better at the campground. They have put up a new cell tower nearby and we have very good reception here. If you look at the panoramic photo above, a little to the right of center, you can see what looks like an especially tall tree on the top of one of the hills…if you look at the photo to the right of this paragraph you will see that it is a cell tower disguised as a fir tree. I hadn’t seen these until we were on the road last year…they also have a palm tree version.

Yesterday we went into El Cajon, CA for some errands. Errands in a strange town certainly are made easier with Google maps. I knew I wanted to go to a Joann’s Fabrics for some cross stitch stuff so I found that and then did a search for a grocery store, a bank and Chinese restaurant near that address. Amazingly they were all in the same little mall! (a really good restaurant by the way) Then I found a wand type car wash and used the “street view” option to make sure it was what we wanted, wrote down some addresses, plugged them in the GPS and off we went! It was a nice little outing.

Besides our little trip yesterday we have pretty much just hung around the campground this week. We’ve been doing a lot of walking and our usual reading/computing/etc. and did go in to Descanso, CA for breakfast Sunday morning. The park is pretty quiet except on weekends, but even that will change soon now that it is getting close to back-to-school time. I can hardly believe there is only 5 days left in August!

Top: Panoramic taken while walking a trail by the campground
Middle: A house with a view and a cell tower tree
Left bottom: Wild turkeys roaming the campground
Below: views along the trail by the campground...the second pic is the bark of a Manzanita tree and the bug is a Tarantula Hawk

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