Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Couple more days at Oakzanita

Well… here it is September! Wow, the summer has flown by. It’s our last couple days here at Oakzanita and it remains hot. With the horrible wildfires up by L.A. I am sure you have heard that the weather here in southern CA has been rather warm for a while now. It’s supposed to cool down a bit, I hope they are right.

Speaking of the wildfires, one is very close to one of the Thousand Trails parks, Soledad Canyon. Hopefully they will get that huge fire under control soon. Those firefighters are truly amazing, that is one tough job. When we lived in Benton City two different times brush fires burned the hills just behind our house. Both times firefighters from all over the state turned out and battled the blazes. We had helicopters and planes dropping water and retardants, guys out with dozers making fire lines, lots of trucks parked close to the homes just in case, it was really something to watch. (here are some pics from one fire) Due to all their hard work no homes were lost, the last fire blackened a few fence posts at a neighbors, but that’s all.

I thought I’d put together a slide show of Oakzanita for you. We often look for photos online of campgrounds we are going to stay at and Oakzanita didn’t have many. I'm not sure why, it's a pretty park. Maybe people find it a difficult place to photograph with all the hills, but it is really a nice campground. Definitely will be on our list of places to stay again.

Top: the entrance at Oakzanita
Middle and bottom: there is a trail that is marked with stones leading to these large boulders. Not sure but it looks like they may be Indian pestles
Video: slide show of Oakzanita

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