Thursday, August 20, 2009


Our stay at Thousand Trails Oakzanita continues to be enjoyable. Today we met up with a gentleman we became acquainted with while at Thousand Trails Ponderosa. Don was our neighbor for a couple weeks at Ponderosa and is from the San Diego area. He suggested that we all get together and go to Julian while we were at Oakzanita, so today we did just that.

Don and his girlfriend Pat picked us up in Pat’s bright yellow mustang convertible and off we went. Julian is an old mining town that is now a tourist spot well known for apple pie. We browsed some shops and then went to Mom’s (restaurant) for ½ a sandwich and pie a la mode. I had apple/boysenberry and Dave had plain apple, very good! On our way back we also stopped at Dudley's Bakery and bought some bread, sourdough garlic. Should be great with spaghetti! We had a fun visit and it was great to have someone that knew the area take us around.

Above: Pat's yellow mustang convertible at Julian
1. Julian
2. Julian
3. Lake Cuyamaca
4. View point looking east down Banner Grade.

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