Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bicycle Race

We forgot a few items when grocery shopping the other day so after lunch we decided to drive into the Acton market. On the way we noticed a helicopter that was circling around at a low altitude. When we got to the Ranger Station they told us the bicycle race - Amgen Tour of California - passed by here on the road just above the campground. Lance Armstrong is in that race! While driving towards Acton we got to an intersection where there was a blockade for the race. We thought all the racers had already gone by but I did catch a quick 4 seconds of some racers with the Flip Video….since the video is sooooo small and the action sooooo quick I thought I’d add this photo to point out where you should look…

Bummer we didn’t know about it, we would have taken the good camera and gone a little earlier!

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