Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nothing particular

Not a lot going on the last couple days here near Acton, CA. The weather has cleared up, it got up in the 60’s today with a breezy wind. We’ve been hanging out at the park not doing anything particular.

Yesterday was laundry day and I met a nice couple that live near Placerville, CA which is where we went to do laundry while camping at Thousand Trails Ponderosa… how apropos that I met them in the laundry room! Nice people and full of info on different Thousand Trails parks.

This afternoon Dave, Cheye and I took a long walk around most of the park including a dry riverbed area that runs along the side of the park. We found a little creek hidden among the sagebrush, rocks and juniper. Cheye was quite happy with the find and waded down the stream for a fair distance. On our way back we saw our neighbors (that are also from the Yakima Valley in Washington) and they invited us over for a glass of wine. We had a great visit and found out about some good wines to pickup when we are back in the Yakima Valley!

Photos and Video:
All taken around Thousand Trails Soledad Canyon

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