Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Neighbors

I actually got a sunburn on my arms yesterday… the weather is still great here in Jamul, CA. It is supposed to cloud up this weekend, maybe even a little rain but I can’t complain with all the wonderful weather we have been having.

We got new neighbors the other day, Greg and Marilyn. Very nice people, they have a blog also: Gundyville on Wheels. It ends up Greg and Marilyn are good friends with some people whose blog I have followed for quite a while; Geeks on Tour. The “geeks” Jim & Chris are full time RV’ers and besides having a great blog they have computer how-to tutorials, some are free and they are very well done.

The last few days have been pretty quiet, reading and dog walking. We are going to drive into town tonight for Chinese food and to pick up a few things. The main thing I want to buy is aloe vera lotion for my arms…I swear I packed some when we moved into the trailer but I can’t find it. I’m sure it will show up once I buy some new stuff! :o)

Top: Cheye while we are out on a walk
Bottom: One of many squirrels that keep Cheye entertained
Video: A slideshow of Pio Pico

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