Friday, February 27, 2009

Winchester Mystery House

We decided to go in to San Jose and see the Winchester Mystery House today. It’s a bizarre house, staircases that go no where, doors that open into a wall or an outside door on the second floor with no stairs down. Here is a link to their website, it tells some of the story behind the house. It was a fun outing.

I should back up a bit…this morning when Dave took Cheye out he saw a bobcat in the park. We had heard there had been sightings here and hoped we would see one. Well, Dave didn’t have the camera with him, but as we took off for our trip to San Jose we saw the bobcat laying by the campground’s store eating breakfast, probably a squirrel. We stopped and Dave took some photos. Then as we rounded the next corner there was another one! We stopped again and took more photos…so cool to see these wild cats.

After our visit to Winchester House we took Cheye out for a walk and found Ted and Laura had arrived from Soledad Canyon. We stopped and chatted for a while and then took Cheye out to finish our walk…and we saw another bobcat! Probably one of the cats we saw in the morning but it was still amazing.

Top: Bobcat eating something (probably a squirrel) at Thousand Trails San Benito
Bottom: Another bobcat at Thousand Trails San Benito
Video: Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA


Sharon said...

So, are you still in San Jose? We live in Cupertino if you'd be interested in meeting for lunch or something.

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Sharon

We were only in San Jose for the afternoon, we're parked down in Paicines now, about 65 miles south. But thanks for the thought!