Thursday, February 12, 2009

Soledad Canyon

We are at the Soledad Canyon preserve just out of Acton, CA. After the drive through the southern California traffic Dave & I were happy to get here and relax a bit! Once we were set up and had some lunch we set out on a walk. We had gone just a few steps from our trailer when someone said; Hi Dave and Lori. It was Ted & Laura, a couple we met back in June at the Silver Spur RV Park in Silverton, OR. At the time we had been looking at Thousand Trails memberships and Ted & Laura were already members. It was talking to them that convinced us to finally join. Good to see them again!!

So far the park looks like another nice one. It is a bit cooler here, there is even snow on the hills around us. The temperatures are supposed to be in the high 40’s or low 50’s, a bit different than the warm weather we had in San Diego. Oh well, it is only February!

Photos - taken Feb 10 at the San Diego Zoo.
Top: Meerkat
Bottom: Koala Bear
Slide Show: also taken at the San Diego Zoo

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rj mj adventures said...

Glad you had a safe trip. Sounds like every park you are running into old friends. Thanks Thousand trail for all our friends. This is what RVing is all about.