Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Clearing up

Today was a much nicer day weather-wise. A little cloudy and a few sprinkles but nothing to complain about.

We were expecting mail so we drove into Acton to the Post Office and from there we went over to Palmdale, CA to pick up some groceries. Well…in Palmdale there is a Best Buy and Barnes & Noble so after browsing through those stores we have a few new DVD’s too.

This afternoon we took a nice long walk around part of the park which felt good after being cooped up in the trailer all day yesterday. It’s a good sized park, kind of long and skinny in shape. We have seen lots of bunnies, squirrels and hawks and have heard coyotes. We hear there is even a bobcat that sometimes wanders through, hopefully we will catch a glimpse of it sometime while we are here.

Top: some pretty yellow birds here at Soledad Canyon park, Dave took that photo a couple days ago when we had a beautiful sunny day
Bottom: A bunny here in the park
A little bit of Acton, CA and some views of the park.

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