Wednesday, February 11, 2009

San Diego Zoo

Yesterday we made a trip to the San Diego Zoo. It’s a beautiful zoo, clean and well maintained. A great place to visit but it isn’t cheap…$35.00 for adults, but that includes the bus tour and air tram. We took the bus tour first, walked a bit and then took the air-tram and walked back through the zoo. We had a fun time.

Our visit to Pio Pico is over, we leave tomorrow. Today was spent getting things packed up, cleaned up and organized for our trip. Peter & Nancy left this morning for Palm Springs so we chatted a bit with them before they took off.

We have had a great time, between running into Peter and Nancy and having our friends Ron & Marilyn and Rodney & Dennis coming over from Phoenix we have had lots of visiting and fun. The weather started out fabulous, got really wet towards the end but we still had a terrific time. Yet another park we would not hesitate staying at again.

Photos & Video: Taken at the San Diego Zoo yesterday

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Lisa said...

I want to be a monkey. What a way to spend your day. :)