Monday, March 16, 2009

A couple days at the Oregon Coast

Yesterday started off as a very windy day with rain, the kind of wind that makes the trailer rattle. The rain let up a little after lunch and by 3 there was actually some sunshine! We were inside most of the day. Did some Wii, surfed the net and watched a little TV. Mom called around noon and we had a nice chat. After the sun came out Cheye and I went for a fairly long walk around the park.

Today we saw the sun a little more, but the wind didn’t let up here in South Beach. I did some laundry this morning, besides laundry it was a day pretty much like yesterday. We were able to go for longer walks which was nice, it felt good to get outside again.

Photos: Views in the park
Video: When Cheye came in wet after walking in the rain I laid down a towel for her to lay on. I have no idea what she found so interesting about this towel…but I thought it was kinda funny.

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