Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pinnacles and Mission San Juan Bautista

Today is our last day at Thousand Trails San Benito and we had a terrific day! This morning we were getting ready to go to Pinnacles National Monument and found out Lonnie and Melba were just about to head out to the same destination. So the four of us went together and we had a great trip. First we drove in the east entrance and looked around and then drove around the park to the west entrance and wandered around in that area. It is a beautiful park. We believe we saw some California Condors circling above but they were pretty far away.

From Pinnacles we drove to the town of San Juan Bautista and visited the mission there. It is a great mission with a small museum and lovely garden. The town of San Juan Bautista is really cute, lots of little shops in a old store fronts. Unfortunately it was pouring rain so we didn’t wander around outside.

Once back to the campground, and after a phone call to a friend, Ted & Laura came over and joined Lonnie & Melba and Dave & I. We sat out under the awning and had a great time visiting. The 6 of us have been at the last two parks together but tomorrow we leave, in a couple days Lonnie & Melba leave, then Ted & Laura and we are all headed different directions. It’s kind of funny because we are all heading up to Washington State, just different routes! I’m sure we will all run into each other again and have another fun time.

Photo above: A photo of the Bobcat we saw in the park this morning

Pinnacles National Monument

Mission San Juan Bautista

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