Friday, March 13, 2009

A lot of relaxing

Today we did some reading, computing, had some discussion about where we want to go this summer and did a lot of relaxing after our two days of travel. It was a nice day here, sunny and warm and we did take walks around the park. This afternoon Dave & I went in and picked up some mail we had sent to South Beach and then had dinner at a Chinese place in Newport, OR. On our way back to the trailer we stopped at the grocery store to restock the pantry.

We have enough internet speed here at the trailer to do a little surfing but not enough to post the blog. I’m going down to the lodge to use the wifi connection there, it’s slow but steady. All that to say…don’t be too surprised if I miss a day of blogging while we are here!! :o)

Photos & Video:
Taken yesterday at South Beach, OR

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