Sunday, March 1, 2009

Drizzly Day

This morning I decided it was time to do some laundry. Dave had been out walking Cheye and noticed there was only 1 car at the laundry room so I packed up and headed out. Since the Family Lodge has wireless internet and is pretty close to the laundry room I took my laptop to surf the net while waiting for clothes to wash and dry.

After lunch I decided to take Cheye for a walk, while walking Cheye I decided to call a friend so I had a nice visit with my friend while I had a nice walk with Cheye. After we got back to the trailer another friend of mine called me so I had another good chat. Fun to catch up with friends.

Well the weather has been drizzly today, it started raining while I was out on my walk with Cheye after lunch and pretty much continued all afternoon. In the late afternoon Dave and I sat outside under the awning, got our little campfire going and had a glass of wine. That helped make a gloomy day seem much better!

All taken at Thousand Trails San Benito, Paicines, CA

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