Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back in familiar territory

We are at Maryhill State Park (just south of Goldendale, WA) for the night…a place we have stayed at many times. It’s a really pretty park right on the Columbia River and we always enjoy stopping here.

Our drive was fairly long today, especially with our stop at Junction City, OR to pick up our new furniture. When we were at the furniture store I decided to go with a couple different recliners than what we picked out before. They were a little more money but a lot more comfy!

Today’s post is short and only one photo as my aircard is on “extended network” which is pretty darn slow. I wasn’t going to even try posting a photo, but the rainbow that was just outside our door this afternoon was just toooooo pretty!!

Photo: a rainbow over the Columbia River taken at Maryhill State Park


Robin said...

Beautiful rainbow! Looks like you could find the "pot o gold"! Boy you are close now, yeah!

Dave and Lori said...

I wanted to go look for the pot 'o gold but didn't want to get that wet!!

Not only are we close we are in Prosser now!! :o)

Robin said...

Prosser?  I see I missed a call from you :-(, I was showing property last night and packing today.  What are your plans for the weekend?