Sunday, March 29, 2009

Havin’ a good time in the Yakima Valley

Being back in our old stompin’ grounds has been lots of fun so far. We have been out to dinner a couple times with friends and have plans for meeting up with other friends this week. On our way up to Tri-Cities we drove by our old home in Benton City, WA… it looks great. We also made a stop at the Columbia Center Mall for a little shopping.

I thought I’d share some photos showing the interior of our trailer with the new furniture …maybe not real exciting but we are sure enjoying it. You may notice we have no table and chairs, that is because we put them in storage before we started on this journey since we knew we wouldn’t use them. Currently we have the couch where the table and chairs would go which gives us more space for the 2 recliners. Still need to find some sort of end table but this arrangement seems to really work for us.


Robin said...

Your new furniture looks very plush, comfortable and expensive!

Dave and Lori said...

Thanks! We really like it, very comfy stuff...and it was all on sale which was icing on the cake!

rj mj adventures said...

Home Sweet Home. I think it is beautiful. I think Cheye misses her Cheyene TV. Enjoy relaxing in your new home.

Gabriel said...

It looks nice. You have more furniture than I have in my whole condo!

Dave and Lori said...

Thanks Marilyn! True that Cheye can't lay in front of those windows anymore, but she can still see out the side and back windows, even over the side of the couch.


Dave and Lori said...

Hi Gabriel!

Thanks! Hehe...yes I understand your condo is decorated in minimalist style! :o)