Thursday, March 5, 2009


This morning we went into Oregon House, CA to pick up a few groceries, on our way back to the trailer we took a trip through one of the other sections and decided to move. The area we moved to has fabulous views, so we quickly packed up and found a site and got all set up again. It was a good move, what a view! Our internet is a little faster too. :o)

We spent our day in the usual way, walks, reading and computing. Dave took Cheye on one walk and he came upon a doe and her fawn, which was just steps away from Dave. He got a few photos of it bounding away. Later Dave, Cheye & I walked up the hill behind our trailer, you can see the lake from the top. Really pretty. We don’t often move once we are set up but are glad we did this time.

Top: some cheery flowers here at the campground
Bottom: the fawn Dave saw on his walk
Video: Views at Thousand Trails Lake of the Springs


rj mj adventures said...

Great picture Dave....

Robin said...

Daffodils? You have daffodils...I'm so incredibly jealous. What do we have you ask? Hail the size of small marbles...yes no kidding! It covered the ground in minutes yesterday, wind whipping it into my incredibly small car and followed by downpours of rain! Daffodils?

Dave and Lori said...

Marilyn - Dave says "Thanks!"

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Robin!

Hehe...yep daffodils... would you please get that weather straightened out before we get up to the valley? 70 degrees and sunshine would work. :o)

Robin said...

Yeah, I'm working on I have any pull with the weather man! To be safe, why don't you just bring it up with you?

Dave and Lori said...

Trust me...I'm going to do my best!