Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lots of rain

Wow…rain, rain, rain. Oh, and let’s not forget the wind which made umbrellas impossible to use today. I had read a weather forecast that said we were supposed to have 11 hours of daylight and 10 hours of rain…I think we had 11 hours of daylight and 12 hours of rain. Of course inclement weather is expected at the Oregon Coast but usually there are breaks in it so you can get outside for a little while, not today. Oh well, it’s supposed to be the same tomorrow but then it should let up a bit.


Robin said...

It's hard to feel sad for you and your weather. We had about an hour of light rain and wind today and about 10 hours of dreary gloomy skies, but I would still trade my weather to be on the coast for a day or two even in your conditions. From you video I could feel the ocean breeze and taste the salt water. Thanks for the memories! Take Care, Robin

Dave and Lori said...

I have to admit, for the 10 months we have been on the road we have had darn good weather! Is winter in Washington ever going to end this year?????