Friday, December 12, 2008


It was chilly today here in Cottonwood, AZ. I finally broke out my long sleeve t-shirts. I was thinking of how cold it was (low 50’s and cloudy) when I got an email from my friend Robin who lives in the Tri-Cities in Washington, just down the road from where we used to live. She sent me the weather forecast for back home:

"In today’s paper this is the five day forecast…
Today: chance of showers late
Saturday: colder with snow showers
Sunday: very cold, snow showers
Monday: bitterly cold with a few flurries
Tuesday: mostly sunny, unseasonably cold"

So I am now exceeding glad to be here in the 50 degree weather!

Besides a quick trip into town for a couple items and doing laundry, not much went on today. We plan to go to the campground’s Lodge for dinner tonight. Just another pleasant day full-timing.

Top: View from Jerome, AZ
Middle: More of the view from Jerome, AZ
Bottom: Roadrunner by our trailer taken yesterday
Video: Jerome AZ from yesterday’s trip


Anonymous said...

Not only did we get the showers late yesterday we received bitterly cold whipping wind that has continued into today! Stay in Arizona, I may join you there soon :0)
Happy Holiday, Robin

Dave and Lori said...

You and Chad are welcome any time!! It might be a little cozy in the trailer but we'll stay warm that way.