Monday, December 15, 2008


It was cool and cloudy today. Not that I’m complaining about mid-40 degrees and a little rain. My friends in the Yakima Valley in Washington are freezing, my Mom & Sister in Vancouver Washington are very cold and even our friends in Kauai Hawaii are having horrible rain and wind! So 40’s and a little rain are just fine with me!

Since outside wasn’t real nice I did some inside cupboard and storage cleaning/rearranging. Dave got to help too. I had saved boxes from things, like the Wii, so those were all thrown away and we found some items to take to Goodwill. We rearranged and got rid of stuff so we now have room to store more stuff! ;o)

Photo: Cloudy day today here in Cottonwood, AZ
Video: Thousand Trails Verde Valley - Section H, by the Lodge

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