Monday, December 8, 2008

News Flash: Corelle does break

Okay, probably not a news flash… all it says is “break and chip resistant” on the Corelle dishes, but when they break wow!! On our long journey of about 8 miles to the Thousand Trails campgrounds one of the cupboards came open and the Corelle came down. What a mess! Corelle chunks and splinters all over. So setting up today took a bit longer than usual, at least inside. On the bright side every surface in the living area has been wiped down, swept or vacuumed so the trailer is pretty darn clean!

We are back at the Thousand Trails Verde Valley Preserve just outside Cottonwood, AZ. It’s kind of fun coming back to a place we know. After we got set up we went for a nice long walk even hiking up the hill. After we got back we relaxed, watched a little TV and grilled burgers for dinner. Luckily we had a supply of paper plates in the trailer. :o)

Top: smashed plates on the floor
Bottom right: smashed plates on the counter
Bottom Center: the amazing sunset tonight

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