Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rain, rain, rain

You guessed it, more rain. This morning the campground staff came by to inform us of flash flood warnings for the Cottonwood, AZ area. It rained most of the morning. We computed, watched TV and I did some cross stitch. During one break in the rain I took Cheye out only to have it start up again so we both got soggy. The rain really slowed down this afternoon, this evening it’s hardly even drizzling…so I don’t think we will be getting the flash floods.

Cabin fever struck after lunch today so I broke out the Wii and played golf , bowled and played tennis. Later in the evening Dave and I played a few games of tennis against each other and then had a bowling match. It was quite fun, we have to do that more often!

…uh-oh, rain started up again….. :o(

Top: wet walk
bottom: soggy doggy
video: Today's interesting clouds

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