Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pesty Bees

We went back to the Thousand Trails campground at Cottonwood, AZ this afternoon to visit with Ron and Marilyn again. After Marilyn and I did a little computing we joined the guys outside bringing snacks out with us. Quite a spread of goodies and some local bees seemed to want to help themselves to our snacks. Now it gets pretty cold at night lately, as a matter of fact Dave & I didn’t have any water this morning as our fresh water hose froze to a slushy state last night. Evidently the bees here in northern Arizona are quite hearty because that cold of a night would have killed the bees back home. Anyway, I think the guys killed 3 and one crashed in to the dipping oil (to put on our bread) before we packed up and went inside. Pesty things!

Our visit with Ron and Marilyn was really fun as usual. Marilyn made pot roast with veggies for dinner that was wonderful. She also had cake and berries for dessert that was great. Another fun day with fun friends.

Photo: pretty pink sky over Cottonwood
Video: Pesty bees

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