Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow in the hills

It was a rather stormy night last night, rain and gusting winds made sleep difficult. Even Cheye came over for comfort when the wind shook the trailer. This morning, as we drove in to Cottonwood (Arizona) and saw what came down as rain in the park came down as snow in the nearby hills. The wind has continued most of the day, but it was much calmer than the gusts we had during the night.

We were expecting mail today so we went to the Post Office but it hadn’t arrived yet. From there we went to the store for a few items and then back home stopping to let Cheye out to run in the Forest Service land by the park. Our day was spent mostly inside computing, reading, cross stitching, walking Cheye and making up for lost sleep with a nap. :o)

Top: A dusting of snow on the top of the hills
Bottom: A rainbow over the park today

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