Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We arrived at the Thousand Trails Las Vegas preserve about 10:00 this morning. We were hoping to park somewhere close to the site we were in last October and we actually got the exact same space! The park is emptier than in October but we were told it is supposed to fill up next week.

After getting set up we headed over to Boulder Station and had lunch at the buffet. I really need to learn to pace myself at that place, I was stuffed when we left. The afternoon was spent catching up on some emails and some internet surfing.

We decided to go to the lighted cactus display at Ethel M Chocolates this evening. It was beautiful!!! You can go through Ethel M’s botanical cactus gardens anytime of year, it’s free, and at certain times you can even view the chocolate factory in production. At Christmas they cover the cactus with lights and it is amazing! If you ever find yourself in Vegas at Christmas this is definitely something to see.

Photos & Video:
All taken tonight at Ethel M's in Las Vegas, NV


Anonymous said...

The cactus gardens are impressive by themselves, addd lights and they become stunning! thanks for the tour. Robin

Dave and Lori said...

I agree! All those lights were amazing. I want to go back sometime during the day just to see the cactus. What a gem tucked away in Henderson, NV