Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gopher holes

After all the running around the last couple days it felt nice to just relax and enjoy the day here at Thousand Trails Verde Valley in Arizona. After a few chores this morning Dave & I sat outside and soaked in the sunshine. I noticed a number of others doing the same thing. After a few cloudy days it was good to see the sun all day. Later we hiked up the hill again , the view is so beautiful from there. We even saw some deer or elk tracks on our venture.

While we were sitting outside the trailer this afternoon Cheye discovered a gopher hole. Evidently there was a critter somewhere in the hole because Cheye was totally focused on it. It was really funny to watch her reactions and curiosity. Luckily the gopher was far more clever than Cheye and exited through another tunnel. I’m sure if it had come out the hole it would have scared her good!

Top: Critter tracks we saw on our walk
Bottom series: Cheye and the gopher hole

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