Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Breakage

Well, it happened early this morning…Dave’s laptop slipped out of his hands while the USB aircard, which is how we connect to the internet, was attached. The pc fell and landed right on the USB aircard. Happily the laptop was fine but the aircard was toast. Oops! We found the closest Verizon store was in Prescott Valley which is northeast of Prescott, AZ and is about 40 miles from where we are in Cottonwood. Off we went.

We got an aircard and since we were just down the road from Costco we decided to do a little shopping there plus eat lunch. Then it was back to Cottonwood to get the mail and finally home. The rest of the day was typical, relaxing, walking Cheye and happily, connecting to the internet.

Top: the moon this evening
Bottom: Cheye on our walk yesterday
Video: Our walk yesterday up the hill at Thousand Trails Verde Valley


Joy and Phil said...

mayedifiLori and Dave,
I really enjoy your blog and try to check in every day. I also get a kick out of watching videos with Cheyenne exploring off his leash but had this thought. Do you ever worry about him sticking his nose into something that might hurt him ... cacti, snakes, scorpians or whatever else lurks in the desert? I am particularly afraid of snakes but maybe it is the wrong time of the year and they are all hibernating?
Just wondering ...
Joy and Phil

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Joy & Phil,
Thanks and glad you are enjoying the blog & videos.
Well, we lived on 5 acres in a desert-like area. Once Cheye was all excited about a rattlesnake that was in our yard. We didn't have scorpians but did have lots of black widow spiders. All that to say; I guess I'm used to it, but your right I believe most of those critters are in hibernation now. And she so loves to run off the leash!!