Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Circus Is In Town

Wow… LOTS of people. RV’s, trailers and tents everywhere. Badminton, volleyball, squirt guns, lawn games, bicycles, lounge chairs and family barbeques.. it’s Memorial Day Weekend! It’s interesting. I could do without the child that was screaming “oh my god” every 5 minutes while playing on the jungle-gym and the swing set really could use some WD-40, on the other hand there are wonderful barbeque smells and friendly relaxed people and it is so, well, Americana. Of course there are satellite dishes, cell phones and computers, no one here is really roughing it but it’s a novel break from the usual. What am I saying, for us this is now "the usual"!!

Since there is no water hook-up we have been showering at the campground restrooms. Watching the masses coming in yesterday we decided to get up early to shower. Knowing Dave would be up early I told him to shower first and then wake me… it was 5:00 a.m.!!! There was one other woman at the showers and I asked her; “trying to beat the masses?“ She replied; “we were here last year, there will be a line later”. At least I got to go back to bed after I dried my hair.

We have decided to get Dish Network. We spent the morning trying to order it and finally succeeded. It was the installation we were having trouble with. We got info from Radio Shack that gave us a number; no they didn’t do installation, please call one of these numbers. Called numbers; 1 - we are out of the office until Tuesday, 2 - fax machine number, 3 - no answer. Off to the yellow pages online, got a number; no you need to call this other number…finally success! They should be here on Tuesday to install.

Cheyenne & Lori on our walk

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