Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sounds like a title for a Sci-Fi movie, but actually I’m referring to a visit from our friends Chad & Robin. They brought DQ Heathbar Blizzards - YUM! We had a great visit which started outside but had to move inside when it started to sprinkle. I love the slide-out on this trailer, it made having 4 people inside very comfy, oh 4 people and 1 large pooch! It was fun to get together, as I said before it is going to be odd to be so far away from friends.

Our morning was pretty quiet, went for a walk was about all. Cheyenne watched a couple squirrels that are living in a tree next to our trailer. She is really fascinated with them. We call the large windows in the slide “doggie TV” since she lays in front of the windows and watches the birds and squirrels intensely for long periods of time.

BTW - Dave’s ankle is much better. He says it just feels tired now.

I had thought having a fire in the fire pit tonight would be fun, but it is raining now so that put an end to that idea. It will just be a quiet evening, maybe watch a movie or something.

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