Friday, May 30, 2008

We are at Yakima Sportsman State Park in (you guessed it) Yakima Washington. I have seen the road sign pointing to the park many times but have never been here. It is really a lovely park.

We had a nice visit with Dave’s Sister and Brother-in-law this afternoon. We are trying to see friends and relatives before we head out across the country. We hope to catch Dave's Brother next.

On the way to Yakima today we stopped at Walmart in West Richland for a few things and I found they had a Flip Video. It is a small video camera that is basically a 2 GB hard drive with a USB plug to hook up to your computer. Very handy. No tapes, easy to use, very simple. You can play it back on a TV, the video quality isn’t the best when made TV size but watchable. It is perfectly fine for blog video though. Well needless to say I now have a Flip Video and will attach a short video of the park.

Tomorrow we are off over to the West side of the State. Not sure where we are going to stop along the way, not even sure we will find any park openings on the Pass. We will see!


boni said...

Very cool! First video 5/23 took too long buffering here, but this works great! Funny - while watching it I assumed I heard birds out my window, and realised it was your audio! Oooh, think of the possibilities for Lori's video expertise...

Dave & Lori said...

I love my Flip is soooo cool. Glad it is loading quickly I was hoping that would be the case.