Monday, May 19, 2008

Goodbyes... naw.... See you laters

This afternoon I had lunch with 2 friends, Sandy & Karen. Since we will be heading out Wednesday morning it will probably be a year before we have our next lunch together. Then later in the afternoon another friend Debbie called and I met her and Linda downtown Prosser for a Margarita. Again, it will be a long time until we next see each other. It is such an odd feeling to have known 3 of these people for about 20 years, work with them and have some fun times together, get to know their families and now to know it will be such a long time before we see each other face to face. Of course I haven't seen as much of them since I left work, but still they were close by. Thank goodness for email, instant messaging and attached pictures! It really does make the world a little smaller. :)

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