Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday in Prosser

Today started with a 3 mile round trip walk into town to the local Grocery Store. On the way into town we came across my former boss and his wife out for a walk. (I worked in Prosser for about 20 years) I hadn't seen either of them since October 2007, before the company we worked for was bought out. We all stood on the street corner, in the hot sun, catching up. Sounds like retirement is agreeing quite well with them.

We got new neighbors this afternoon, Hal and Judy. They have park models in both Arizona and Washington State and are currently en route to their WA residence. We had a great conversation in the evening. They have been full timing 2 years now and gave us the names of some nice parks they have stayed at. They are just staying the one night, but it was fun to chat and hear of their experiences...we can use all the tips we can get!

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boni said...

Fun blog, fun adventure in a whole different world!
Reading older entries to be sure I didn't miss anything. Curious what "they have park models" means? (2nd para, May 18)