Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Final day in Prosser

We woke to rain this morning. Here in the Yakima Valley when you get rain it is followed by lots of wind, we were not disappointed. Windy windy day, but much cooler so that was a relief. Our big outing of the day was to take Cheyenne in to have a microchip inserted.... that was one big needle! She barely flinched and not a sound, I think I may have whimpered a bit at the sight of the needle. So now I have to mail off a registration to put our information on a national database. One of those things you hope never has to be used but it gives you a little peace of mind that it is there.

Tomorrow we will pull out and hopefully find a spot at Hood Park in Pasco. We have stayed there before and it is really a beautiful park. There are some first-come-first-serve spots and we are hoping to find one and stay at least through the 28th. After that we really can't decide - West? South? Maybe Southwest? Who knows, we'll figure it out!

I just thought of something... this will be the first time we haven't had to pack up the trailer before heading out! Cool.....

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