Tuesday, May 27, 2008

TV Time

We now have Satellite TV. We definitely confused the poor installer by not having a standard house, but he got it taken care of. Since we wanted HD we now have 2 dishes. I wonder if we will only need one dish once everything has changed over to HD TV. The next question is how we are going to haul them when we are on the road. Hmmmmm…. Just going to have to stuff them in the trailer I guess.

So the majority of the day was taken up by the installation and then trying to figure out how to run the receiver and such. We did go for a couple walks. A few people left the park and a few more pulled in. I think we are still at about 12 RV’s in the park.

Here are a few pictures from around the park. Such a beautiful park.

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erick acuna said...

thnx 4 ur comment, i have just featured a bit of tourist spots in our country, theres a lot more 2 xplore. hope u can visit here. Ur blog is also great, nice.. I love to ride on a trailer truck.