Saturday, May 31, 2008

Randle Washington

We arrived at a rainy Cascade Peaks RV Park in Randle Washington about 1:00 p.m. It is a large RV Park with over 700 sites, 120 full hook-ups and the rest electric & water hook-ups. The only full hook-ups are grass sites close to the highway so some traffic noise. The partial hook-ups are dirt sites tucked back in the woods so you feel like you are way out in the forest. Evidently you can purchase these sites also. There is even a golf course! They boast Saunas, Hot Tub, Tanning Booth, Exercise Room and Ping Pong Tables in the brochure and I assume those are located in the Spa or Family Center building.

We have no phone service out here, but I’m still able to get on the ‘net. It’s slow service but not bad. Guess that makes Verizon’s coverage better than AT&T’s. If you know me you already know that I would much rather have internet than phone anyway…so this works just fine for me.

The weather has improved and it is currently about 70 degrees and mostly cloudy but no rain. We went for a walk around the place. It is really pretty. Now Dave is sitting outside with Cheye while I am inside obviously typing. We are going to head in to Randle tonight for dinner. We haven’t eaten in a restaurant for quite a while and it feels like time to do so!

Okay… back from dinner….YUM! We went to a little place called Mt. Adams Café and had their Prime Rib special, it was wonderful! Just the kind of dinner your Doctor tells you to stay away from. Green salad with real dressing (not diet) and croûtons that had been fried in garlic, Prime Rib, baked potato with the works, soft white gooshy roll with butter, mmmmmm! Oh, I did eat the orange slice on my plate so I had fruit too. :)

Pictures taken when we were out on our walk

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