Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hood Park

Well we did find a spot at Hood Park, space 42 if anyone wonders. The park is already starting to fill up for the Memorial Day weekend, I am sure it will be packed. The weather is supposed to be in the upper 70’s so it is perfect for camping. We are booked through the 29th and as the Park Ranger said, we should have the park to ourselves after Monday.

I fell asleep after lunch today (must have been that exhausting 45 minute trip from Prosser to Hood Park) only to be woke up by Dave making painful exclamations. I jumped out of bed and found him on the grass rubbing his ankle. Evidently the wood step we use moved the wrong way and he twisted his ankle. Seems to be okay, no swelling just a bit sore. Hoping it isn’t worse in the morning.

A little bit of flooding here (see picture of soggy picnic site below) but otherwise it is beautiful. Cheyenne is in constant search of squirrels and has seen a couple. Even if she caught up with one I doubt she would know what to do with it. She seemed to be interested in a pair of geese until she encountered the water… not much of a Retriever! By the way, when we had her at the vet yesterday they weighed her, she is down from 124# to 105#. Down almost 20 pounds… wish I could say the same about me! ;)

Soggy picnic site

Cheye deciding to not chase the geese

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