Thursday, May 29, 2008

Farewell to Hood Park

This is our last day in this beautiful park. Unfortunately we spent most of our day in town with an appointment that led to yet another appointment. I would have rather enjoyed the beauty of the park for one last day. It isn’t a fancy resort type park, only electric hook-up, but I have really enjoyed it. Cheyenne loved romping in the water and chasing squirrels and rock chucks. Hopefully we will come back here in the future.

Dave went jogging twice today… I, being sane, only went once. Well, I jogged, walked, jogged, walked for 1.4 miles and my legs are now complaining! We did go for a walk after dinner too.

Tomorrow morning we are off to Yakima for a night. Not sure what park we will be at.

Hood Park, Burbank, WA

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boni said...

Your sentence "It isn’t a fancy resort type park, only electric hook-up" is challenged by beautiful photos of Hood Park on this and other pages! I think beauty is what makes a place a truly desirable resort, more than amenities. Webster describes resort as a place of refuge and re-creation. Thanks for sharing these lovely places, it's fun to travel along vicariously. Am enjoying your writing and photos Lori!