Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

It rained most of the night, not hard but steady. By about 9:00 this morning the rain had stopped and the troops were out enjoying themselves. We went on a walk and found a new route that took us down to the marina. The view back at the park was pretty so I’ve included a picture.

Other than our walks and watching people it was a quiet day. We have come up with a plan to go from here to Yakima to see Dave’s Sister, then over White Pass and to visit Dave’s Brother in the Chehalis area. We will probably stop on the Pass for a night or two. Of course that is a few days away so who knows, we may come up with other stops to make on our path. We’ll see!

A couple pics to show how many people and how decorative people are over this holiday weekend. Click the pictures to make them larger. The one on the bottom has a mechanical, moving, lighted grasshopper on the car!

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