Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blustery Day and Beautiful Sunset

It was sunny, in the low 80’s and rather windy today. Dave took the awning down around 10:00 this morning because it started flapping around. We sat outside for a few hours this morning, reading and enjoying the sun but at lunch we went inside. The afternoon was spent looking at maps and talking about places to go along with taking Cheye for a walk, surfingthe net and relaxing. It was pleasant in the trailer with the breeze coming through the windows.

Tonight we decided to go into town to the China Buffet for dinner. Pretty good and a big selection. After that we drove to the other end of Lake Havasu City and went to Walmart. Along the way a beautiful sunset was forming over the lake and a huge moon rising over the hills. Really beautiful! Happily I had my Flip Video with me so you can see what I mean....


Marian said...

Thanks for the great pictures of Lake Havasu. We have been going to the area for over 20 years. We just love it. I found your blog when reading other full timer RVers' blogs. I notice you were at Lake Havasu. Your videos on your blog are unique.
You will probably be gone but we will be in Havasu for January and February as we have rented a condo.
Have safe tavels and I will keep reading and viewing your blog.

Marian Hiemer Kearney, Nebraska

Dave and Lori said...

Thank Marian! Glad you enjoyed the blog. We take off next Monday so we won't be here when you are but I expect we will visit here again. A really nice town and beautiful lake.