Monday, November 3, 2008

A day for Electronics

I received a box from Pure Digital Technologies today with a new Flip Video camera inside! Evidently my old one wasn’t repairable. All in all they really did a great job of getting a return setup and then sending a new camera to me. Customer service is fabulous with this company.

After picking up the mail in Henderson we decided to stop at the Walmart while there. We have been thinking about getting a Nintendo Wii and they had a number of them in stock. So we bought one along with the Wii Fitness pack. What a kick! I’ve tried a number of the different exercises and they are pretty good.

Other than our run to Henderson we just hung out at the trailer today. The weather has turned a bit cooler, only up to 75 and windy. I had an email from Robin today and their flight out yesterday was delayed 2 hours due to the wind. It’s supposed to calm down tomorrow and start warming up again Wednesday. Actually I don’t mind the 75, but I can certainly do without the wind!

I’ve posted our pictures from Binion’s with a million dollars and the picture we had taken at Ka. We are all laughing really hard in the Ka pic because one of the characters snuck up behind us and joined us in the picture. He was really funny, he teased Robin and gave her a hard time, we had such fun there.

I was reminded that I had forgotten a video I shot when we went to Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Grill on our anniversary. It may explain why Dave and I don’t go to “fancy” restaurants often…

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