Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fun Day

Today we spent the afternoon and evening with our new friends Ron & Marilyn and Rodney (Dennis didn’t come camping this weekend) and had a great time visiting and laughing. There were snacks and wine in the afternoon and for dinner Marilyn had brought homemade turkey soup and turkey drumsticks. It was all very yummy.

After dinner the guys went in to Home Depot and picked up a propane patio heater. Once they got it assembled we were able to sit outside in comfort, those heaters really do a great job taking some of the chill out of the evening air. So we talked, enjoyed the evening and some banana cream pie for dessert.

All in all a fun day with some really fun people.

Top: Dennis & Rodney's extra cute dogs (Bichon's)
Bottom: my new balloon wind sock

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