Monday, November 17, 2008


We were on the road at 7:30 this morning on our way to Cottonwood, AZ and the Thousand Trails Verde Valley campground. It was a peaceful, uneventful drive with typical Arizona scenery until we got a bit south of Flagstaff. There is a stretch of 6% downgrade that has some beautiful scenery. Junipers, cactus, plateaus and areas of red rock.

The Verde Valley park is quite large and spread out. The section by the main club house was pretty full so we picked the section by the pool and close to the Verde River. After we set up and ate lunch we took Cheye down to the river. It is actually out of the park but is a wild area and Cheye loved romping around. We finally found the river and Cheye had to wade out and enjoy the water. Once we got back to the trailer we relaxed outside under the trees and noticed Cheye pulling at her fur.... burrs, lots of nasty burrs wound in her fur. I got the scissors and cut out a bunch of them. I guess no more walks out in the brambles!

After looking at this park we decided to change our plans. Originally our reservation was for one week and then off to Apache Junction, now we will be staying here for 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing the sights in this area and relaxing in this peaceful, lovely park.

Top & Middle: views taken while on the road
Bottom: View in the park

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