Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Soggy Start

We woke up to rain this morning. As I have mentioned it has been cooler here but I didn’t realize rain was on the menu. It cleared up in the afternoon but was breezy with broken clouds all day. However in the morning I looked at a webcam at Richland, WA (close to where we used to live) and saw they had hazy, damp, cold looking wet weather…I’ll take rain in Vegas!

Today was spent watching the Nascar race and getting things ready to move tomorrow. We also ran a few quick errands, fuelled up the pickup (only $2.79 a gallon diesel) . Since we have been here for 3 weeks there is a lot to put away. I also thought I’d get the laundry all caught up, I learned not to assume there is a laundry room at every park!

Between our friends visiting, going to a few really nice dinners and a couple great shows it’s been a great 3 weeks in Vegas.

Top: Clouds over the park this morning
Bottom: Our trailer with a bit of blue in the sky
Video: Along the Vegas Strip

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Joy and Phil said...

Rain in Vegas! They must be thrilled.
Safe travels..
Joy and Phil