Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Off to Prescott

We decided on a trip to Costco in Prescott, AZ today. The store was extremely busy, I’m guessing with pre-Thanksgiving shopping. We bought some DVD’s, a Wii game and a fair amount of food and goodies, there was so much to tempt us! Of course we broke the rule of never going grocery shopping when you’re hungry. After Costco we stopped at KFC for lunch and then home. The weather today was cloudy and we even got rained on a little on our trip.

Once home we sat out under the awning and the neighbors on our left stopped to talk for a little while. They left once it started getting a little breezy and we went inside to try out our new Wii game we bought at Costco. It wasn’t quite what we expected but still fun. Then Anne stopped by (one of our neighbors on our right) and invited Dave & I over for “happy hour” . So we went over to their lovely Class A coach and had another extremely enjoyable visit. Unfortunately they leave tomorrow but we are hopeful we will see them again at another Thousand Trails campground.

all taken on our trip between Cottonwood and Prescott, AZ

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RFS said...

We have family in Prescott. Hope you enjoy.