Friday, November 7, 2008

Back to the Buffet

This morning we decided to go over to Boulder Station and check out the new buffet. It just opened yesterday and is very nice, a definite improvement over the old buffet. They have added a number of dishes and the layout is better. All that and they didn’t raise the price!

After we got back I went down to Walmart for a couple things. I supposed I shouldn’t have been surprised, but gosh, Christmas music already??? I knew the decorations would be be set up but wasn’t ready for the music.

Later this afternoon I went over to the pool, did a few laps and relaxed a while. Dave took Cheye for a walk and was relaxing when I got back. After that it was our Wii Fitness workouts and dinner. Not a lot of excitement, but a very nice day.

Paris Casino taken Halloween night
Video: A little bit of the M&M store in Vegas taken a couple days ago

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