Thursday, November 13, 2008

Half a year and counting

This morning I did yoga, aerobics, strength training, played tennis, bowling, golf and a couple of innings of baseball, all on the Nintendo Wii of course. This is the first time I’ve tried tennis, bowling, golf and baseball games. I liked tennis best, followed by golf, bowling wasn’t bad but baseball just wasn’t my thing.

After all of that exercise I sat outside with my coffee drink and read. It was very relaxing until the wind came up. The awning started to really flap so I had to interrupt Dave’s exercise time to have him roll up the awning. At that point I moved my reading inside. Besides our usual walks out to the desert with Cheye we relaxed and went a swimming pool with water, not on the Wii!! After that it was dinner (bbq’d Salmon) and a little TV. Another pleasant day.

Wow, I almost forgot... 6 months ago today Dave & I began our adventure as full time RVer’s! So far it’s been great!

photo: Lake Havasu
video: Around the Lake Havasu RV Park

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