Monday, November 10, 2008

Lake Havasu, AZ

We left Vegas about 8:30 this morning. Our trip was pleasant, the roads mostly straight and flat. The park we are staying at is a Colorado River Adventures park, we aren’t members of that group but they also accept RPI members which we do belong to.

The park is nice, it is split in two areas and our site is in the West area. The spaces are side by side but the park is fairly empty so we don’t have any real close neighbors. We didn’t find any sort of dog area when we walked the park so we asked at the office. They don’t have any off-leash area but there is an opening in the back fence that leads out into open desert. So we went out that way and Cheye had a good romp and sniff. We haven’t visited the East side of the park yet.

We just relaxed away the afternoon and before dinner we went back out to the desert area. There was a really beautiful sunset tonight, hopefully the first of many while we are here in Arizona.

Top: Along the drive
Middle: Cheye in the desert
Bottom: Welcome to Arizona
Video: Arriving at Lake Havasu

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