Sunday, November 2, 2008

Catching up

Yesterday was lots of fun. Chad & Robin and Dave & I started our day with the breakfast buffet at Boulder Station. From there we played some penny machines and then played Bingo. No big wins… :o( oh well. We went down to Fremont Street in the early afternoon. For anyone that isn’t aware, Fremont Street is the downtown gambling area of Las Vegas. We wandered around Fremont Street, I tried a deep fried Oreo (not bad) , we had our picture taken with a million dollars, saw the Hand of Faith Nugget (a gold nugget that weighs over 61 pounds!), enjoyed a saxophone players performance and just looked around. We had dinner at Binion’s Ranch Steakhouse that night. All 4 of us had the Prime Rib, talk about huge pieces of Prime Rib! Wow! And really good food. We were all stuffed when we left. Then it was time for the Fremont Experience show which was very impressive, and then home.

We had so much fun with Chad and Robin! This morning we met them for breakfast again and said our good-byes about 11:00. We needed to pick up Cheye before noon and they had to leave about 1:00 for the plane. It was such fun to have them here!

Once we picked up Cheye and got back to the trailer we both kind of zombied out. Actually all three of us were...Cheye is exhausted too! I think we will be recovering from lots of walking and lots of eating for a few days!

Top: Fremont Street area
Middle: Deep fried Oreo cookie
Bottom: Hand of Faith gold nugget

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