Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another day at the beach

We started the day by meeting a couple, Ed & Bonnie, from Kentucky. They have been full timing for a couple years now, traveling the country in a beautiful Class A. They shared a few stories of their adventures and gave us a few tips. I would have enjoyed talking more with them but they only stopped for the night and were headed back out this morning. They had been told the Oregon beaches were beautiful and had visions of the beautiful beaches of Florida…well, drop the temperature about 30 degrees, add some rain, clouds and rugged hills and you have a pretty good comparison!

We drove down to the public beach access at D River again. I had forgotten it was Saturday so the beach was quite active, people out with kids, kites and dogs. Cheyenne has decided she is a seagull hunter. Being a Golden Retriever I guess birds would be a natural instinct for her, but she chases them while they are flying. She looks up in the air and runs under them, one of these days she is going to be looking up chasing the gull and run into something on the ground. Surprised she hasn’t already. Anyway, on our wanderings we happened upon a cute little park I believe was called Canyon Drive Park. Just off the beach with parking for the beach access. Kind of a little hidden gem.

I was reading the Geeks on Tour blog ( ) and they mentioned a site that has a RV forum - I’ve checked out a couple of other RV forums and couldn’t get excited about them but I really like this one. Lots of different topics and a number of members, so now I have lots of reading to do!

Pictures from the little park we found on Canyon Drive

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