Monday, June 16, 2008


As I mentioned yesterday we have been talking about where to go next, etc. Our plans include a cruise out of Miami in December so that was a driving force in our plan on where to be and when… yes I said “was". After talking about it, the idea of a cruise right now just isn’t exciting us. We had hoped some friends of ours were going to be able to go cruising with us, but that didn’t work out so we have decided to not go on the cruise. Instead we will visit some places in the States that would have been out of reach this year had we needed to be in Miami. Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico all hold places I am anxious to see so we will probably head that direction over the winter. So now the only “have to” is South Dakota before October. The plan for getting there will probably take us through Montana and Wyoming.

We have been at the Oregon coast for a week now and will head out on Friday morning. Today was a pretty typical day, went down to the beach for a walk and to let Cheye run. After our walk we did a little shopping at Bi-Mart and Safeway and then home. The afternoon has been napping, surfing the net, taking Cheyenne for a walk around the park and making Corn Chowder for dinner. A pleasant day.

Here is a pic to show you the view out out our window here at Coyote Rock RV Park. Below find a video of Cheye chasing a Seagull, she is getting a little braver about the ocean!

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